What to expect from natural candles

The term used to describe the strength of fragrance for a candle is called "scent throw." Scent throw is used to describe how the candle smells while the wax is solid (cold throw) and how much aroma is given off after it has been lit (hot throw). Natural candles made out of soy, coconut, or vegetable oils tend to throw more subtly as opposed to paraffin based waxes. As a rule of thumb, expect the 8oz candles to fill a normal sized room like a living room or kitchen, and a 4oz candle will fill a smaller space like a bathroom or bedroom. But please keep in mind that open windows, fans, etc might affect the candles scent and how much of the area it will fill! 

Because these are all hand poured, sometimes the oils settle too deeply into the wax before it's fully hardened, and then don't melt in the initial lighting! If you do not get a decent throw after a second burn, then we can replace this, no problem. This type of "no throw" issue simply means the ratios of fragrance to wax were off when poured, and we can send a new one to you as this is a rare occurrence.

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