Can I send the 1st box of a gift subscription to a different address?

Yes, absolutely! 

If you'd like to deliver the first box of a gift subscription in person, we now have a way to do exactly that! 

Proceed with your gift order as you would normally and enter the shipping address for the subscription that you'd like boxes 2-X delivered to. 

Then, before you enter your payment information, you should see a check box, labeled "Ship the first box to me so I can gift it in person (and the rest will ship to the recipient)." Check that box and it will open two boxes that will allow you to enter an alternate name & address for the first box. 

Rest assured, only the first box of the subscription will ship to this alternate address and the remaining boxes will be delivered to the default address you set up at the beginning of the checkout process. Any questions or issues with this, don't hesitate to contact our support team!

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